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2021.09.16 //

Thanks to the Professional Training School Project for people with disabilities in Tanzania, people like Anna have been able to train to earn a livelihood despite their condition. Every day, Anna stands in Front of the loom to weave accessories such as hats, bags and brightly coloured clothing which she sells to earn some income to improve her family’s economy.

In 2021, we have distributed 20 machines, including knitting and sewing machines, to the students who have completed their training, so that they can have the necessary infrastructure and obtain some resources thanks to the training they have received.

The training given in our School is training in sewing, shoemaking and skills for economic development, which is regulated by the Government.

After three years, we can share with you the success of the project that has been implemented in various villages and that has served to create small businesses in the places where each of the groups that once received microcredits for the creation of their business are established.