We continue to thank our local partners, who make the success of our projects possible.

Today we dedicate it to Pamoja Community Connections (PCC). This organization was founded by Reverend Aggrey Mashanda and has now passed the baton to his son. With PCC we have the development program of 100 Pamoja farms, carried out in the district of Karagwe, Tanzania. This program consists of delivering a pig to vulnerable families, mainly single women, widows, grandmothers; all of them with children under their care. The program offers them the facilities for the reproduction and commercialization of piglets. This allows families to have more recurring income. Seeds are also distributed so that families accompany the breeding with the crop, and can produce their own food, in addition to selling the surplus.

Many families have managed to buy uniforms so that the children can go to school, put roofs and walls in their houses or ensure food every day.

PCC’s work ensures that these families not only find a market for their produce, but also secure a fair price.

It is an admirable job that promotes development and offers families the chance to aspire to a better future.