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Full capacity at the Capella Mallorquina concert at Torrent de Pareis

2019.07.10 //

More than 1.000 people enjoyed last weekend of the last performance of the Mallorcan choir of this 2018/2019 concert season.

Capella Mallorquina (cultural work sponsored by the Foundation) together with the Quintet Johannes Palaschko starred in the 56th edition of this famous recital in Escorca (Majorca). Both performed 17 pieces of the most varied, from fragments of zarzuelas such as “El barbero de Sevilla“, “La verbena de la Paloma” or “Don Gil de Alcalá” to more classic works such as Vivaldi’s “Glory“, or the “Hymn of Joy” of Beethoven’s 9th symphonia.

Both tourists and residents crowded the capacity, attracted by the combination of music and landscape. So Civil Protection had to limit the entry of vehicles, due to the long queues of the road.

The musical choir, which was directed by José Maria Moreno and was attended by soloists Cristina Van Roy, Elena Nosova and Marga Pons, had to offer two encores due to the deep ovation received by the audience.

The auditions at the Torrent de Pareis began in 1964 on the initiative of the painter Josep Coll Bardolet who moved by the desire to spread musical choir, chose such an emblematic landscape for its unbeatable acoustics.