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Strategic Alliance in Haití

2019.09.23 //

Barceló Foundation and the Femmes Vaillantes Organization, finance the purchase of 440 kids to improve the economic development of 220 vulnerable families in the Beausejour community, located in the west of the country.

Belonging to the municipality of Léogane, it is a hard-to-reach area that can only be accessed on foot. Most families are poor and are dedicated to agriculture or livestock, but cyclones and continuously rains, destroy their crops, leaving them without food to feed their children and without income to be able to school them.

In view of this situation, the Femmes Vaillantes Organization has been carrying out projects since 2003 to improve the living conditions of Beausejour’s inhabitants, such as the purchase of 100 mules, the distribution of seeds among more than 500 families, the construction of a center of literacy for children or even the start-up of a microcredit program for women farmers.

In this new project, funded by Barceló Foundation, 440 kids have been acquired, that have benefited 220 peasant families. We have delivered 2 kids per house, starting with the poorest ones and when they have young, they will have to hand them over to other families in need to ensure the sustainability of the project and promote the integral development of the community.

In addition, we have managed to reduce the rate of child malnutrition and all diseases resulting from poor diet.

With the income obtained, farmers will also be able to educate their children, therefore, thanks for the initiative carried out by Femmes Vaillantes Organization and Barceló Foundation, illiteracy rates will also be significantly reduced.