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Expansion of the Villa Mercedes school in Colombia

2019.10.04 //

The Barceló Foundation funds the expansion of the Villa Mercedes school in Santiago de Cali, to provide integrated care to 640 marginalized students.

The Early Childhood Education Center located in the Alfonso López neighborhood, was built in 2011 by the Manos Providentes Foundation, to house children between 0 and 5 years old with limited resources, displaced or from invasion neighborhoods.

Due to the high demand for registrations, they were forced to incorporate first, the secondary and second studies of the academic high school and technical high school in Hospitality and Tourism. In this way, they could to care to 300 children from disadvantaged families who could not afford their children’s school fees, uniforms, books and school supplies.

But this growth in the number of students also required an extension of the facilities. For this reason, they requested the collaboration of the Foundation, which approved the financing of 100% of the project.

Thanks to the budget, 8 classrooms, new bathrooms, a teachers’ lounge, a computer room, a dining room and a car park have been built. In addition, the multi-purpose classroom, floors and walls have been repaired and the centre has been provided with new furniture (500 chairs, 320 tables, blackboards, cabinets, goals for the sports field, etc.) In this way, they will now be able to care for a total of 640 children, 160 in pre-school education and the remaining 480 from primary to high school.

The purpose of the Villa Mercedes Integral Education Centre is to provide training, food and health to all marginalized children and youth. Therefore, in addition to the full day, all of them also receive lunch and regular medical check-ups at school.