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A commitment to food security and agro-ecological development in Senegal

2021.04.12 //

Contribute to food security through a more efficient farming system and facilitate access to sustainable production factors in the village of Sare Faramba (Senegal). With this objective, the Barceló Foundation has paid for the construction of a security fence to protect the livestock plots and diversify crops in order to continue to obtain production in the driest periods of the year.

“The construction of the fence guarantees production, especially during the eight months of the dry season, thus increasing family income. To promote a good agricultural rotation system, crops will be alternated in different seasons,” explained the Project Area of Barceló Foundation.

In order to develop this initiative, Barceló Foundation has the Guné Foundation as a local partner, an entity with more than a decade of experience developing agricultural projects.

“Both in 2018 and 2019 we already collaborated with them in two projects very similar to this one, with excellent results. On this occasion, in the village of Sare Faramba, the 40 women beneficiaries of the construction of this new fence have already started planting crops for the dry season last March”, highlighted from the Projects Area.

The geographical position of the project is strategic, with cooperatives already formed by women, who sell their production in the weekly markets and to wholesalers in the city of Kolda. It should be noted that there is a booming local demand for the vegetable market, both due to population growth and the need to improve health and the high rates of malnutrition.

Thus, thanks to this initiative, agricultural production and family income of the beneficiary women has improved by 50%; 100% of the land has been exploited in a self-sufficient and sustainable way; child malnutrition has been reduced by 40%; and there has been a qualitative increase in the quality of food for families between the months of November and May.

“This project is included in the state development plans and the benefits obtained will be used for future self-financing,” concluded the Projects Area of Barceló Foundation.