Other Sponsorships

Cathedral stained glass window

In 2006, the Foundation funded the stained glass window made ​​by Nils Burwitz commemorating the 700th anniversary of the construction of Mallorca’s Cathedral and the 75th anniversary of Barceló’s Group.

Davallament de Felanitx

The Barceló Foundation funds the “Davallament Felanitx”, a religious representation of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ that takes place on the steps of Felanitx’ Church on Good Friday, in Passover, since 1975.

Recently, the Barceló Foundation participated by supporting the staging of twelve episodes of the Passion of Christ, in a performance that attracts more than 100 actors of all ages, who participatevoluntarily and altruistically, and features outstanding sound and lighting effects adding tremendous realism to the scene.