Last Tuesday, December 20, the Board of Trustees for the second semester of the Barceló Foundation was held at the Barceló Illetas Albatros hotel.

In this Board of Trustees, the 2023 budget was approved, within which the construction of 54 new wells, 12 latrines, maintenance of 135 new wells and another 3 water projects were proposed. Development intervention projects have also been approved, in which there are 4: Kenya intervention, Uganda intervention, Tanzania intervention and Ethiopia intervention. In addition to these projects, the renovation of 27 Farmasols has been approved along with the creation of 3 new Farmasol projects. Finally, several educational scholarships and the renewal of the Payma project in Niger have also been approved, with the construction of a new well in this same agricultural project.

It is expected to reach a total of approximately 270,000 beneficiaries, with all the projects in 2023.