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Barceló Hotel Group delivers 110 kg of food to Alisol project

2021.01.22 //

Barceló Hotel Group has delivered to the Barceló Foundation 110 kg of basic necessities, as well as hygiene and cleaning products donated by its employees, on the occasion of the Christmas Campaign organized at its headquarters in Palma. This food will be delivered to people in situations of social vulnerability, through the Alisol solidarity food distribution project.

“From the Barceló Foundation we want to thank the Barceló Group and its employees for this donation of food, as well as their constant support for our charitable work. The Covid-19 pandemic has had that the needs of the social entities we work with have increased significantly, so this year we will strengthen the Alisol project,” says Antonio Monjo, managing director of the Foundation.

To thank the solidarity of all employees who participated in the food collection campaign, three baskets were raffled with handmade articles made by African women beneficiaries of the health promotion Farmasol projects, which Barceló Foundation promotes in some of the most impoverished countries on the African continent.

“With these baskets, in addition to thanking them for their solidarity, we want to show them and let them know a little about our development cooperation work. In Africa and Latin America we promote many projects aimed at improving the lives of the communities we work with. And the handcrafted articles contained in the baskets are an example of how many women have found a way to make a living and support their families”, emphasizes Antonio Monjo.



The Alisol project is an initiative that Barceló Foundation launched in 2013 in order to respond to the food needs of families on vulnerable situations on our island. Through Alisol, fresh food is distributed to 14 social entities, which each week reach the homes of about 2.900 people who are living moments of great difficulty. Currently, every year this initiative of solidarity food distribution reaches more than 6,650 people on vulnerable situations.