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CaixaBank joins the Alisol project

2021.02.18 //

CaixaBank, through a financial contribution from ” La Caixa” Foundation has strengthened its support for the social work of the Barceló Foundation and will give 20.000 euros to the solidarity food distribution project ‘Alisol’, through which this Majorcan entity distributes fresh food to social organizations that serve people in vulnerable situations. An initiative to which the Barceló Foundation has already allocated part of the CaixaBank Private Banking Solidarity Award for the best trajectory, received in October last year.

The signing ceremony of the collaboration agreement was attended by María Cruz Rivera, territorial director of CaixaBank in the Balearic Islands; María Antonia Barceló, president of the Barceló Foundation; Diego Riera, head of Social Action of CaixaBank in the Balearic Islands; and Antonio Monjo, managing director of the Barceló Foundation.

“Solidarity and collaboration between different entities and local institutions is very important to try to protect and help people in vulnerable situations. And now more than ever, when there are so many families in Mallorca affected by the crisis caused by the Covid-19”, remarked María Cruz Rivera, territorial director of CaixaBank.

For her part, María Antonia Barceló, president of the Barceló Foundation, wanted to highlight the collaboration of CaixaBank, which will help the Alisol project to distribute 283.000 kgs of fresh food and basic cleaning and hygiene products this year, an increase of almost 100.000 kgs compared to 2020.


Barceló Foundation launched the Alisol project in 2013 with the aim of responding to the needs of our closest environment and the increase in the number of vulnerable families on our island. Through Alisol, fresh food is distributed to 14 social entities, which every week reach the homes of around 2.900 people who are living through very difficult times. Currently, every year this initiative of solidarity food distribution reaches more than 6.650 people in vulnerable situations.