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Zaqueo’s Christmas Sweets Collection Campaign

2020.11.19 //

Zaqueo Association, one of the beneficiaries of the aid for social projects in Majorca from the Barceló Foundation, has begun a campaign to collect nougats and Christmas sweets to be able to distribute them to the users it serves in its soup kitchen, which have experienced a significant increase since the beginning of the health and social crisis caused by Covid-19.

“This year in Zaqueo we will again prepare a special New Year’s Eve menu, although for health reasons, we will not be able to serve it in our dining room and we will distribute it in lunch boxes, as we have done since the beginning of the pandemic”, explains Catalina Cunill, president of this entity.

Thus, users of the association – currently serving about 200 people daily – will be able to dine on a first course of hors d’oeuvres and a second course of baked pork, which Zaqueo wants to complete with nougats and Christmas sweets for dessert.

“We would like to be able to offer them the typical dessert of this time of year, so we need nougats, homemade butter-cakes and all kinds of Christmas sweets,” says Catalina.

People who wants to collaborate with this campaign, can leave their donations in the social soup kitchen of Zaqueo (Plaza Mercadal nº 1, on the ground floor, from 16:00 at 18:00 hours.