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2020.11.27 //

For the fourth consecutive year, Barceló Foundation is financing the annual vaccination and nutrition campaign carried out by the Comboni Missionaries Sisters in the Pokot communities, one of the ethnic groups that living in one of the most arid regions of Kenya. An initiative that will allow 1.200 children to be vaccinated and another 200 to be treated for malnutrition.

“Through this initiative, every month we vaccinate more than one hundred children, in addition to paying attention to the malnourished children in the area and monitoring each families,” explains Amelia Fornés, project technician for Barceló Foundation.

For this purpose, the project includes the purchase of food to address child malnutrition, syringes, injectable materials and specific medications. It also includes a budget line to pay the salaries of a nutritionist and the nurse in charge of vaccinations and another one for fuel to go to the villages farthest away from the health center of Amakuriat to vaccinate and to the city to buy the material they need.

“The Comboni Missionary Sisters carry out a flawless and totally committed work. We have been working with them since 2015 and since 2017, every year, we have been carrying out this nutrition and vaccination campaign for children. Sister Gabriela goes with a vehicle to the most remote villages of Amakuriat, so that no child is left unvaccinated and those who are malnourished are cared for,” Amelia points out.


In addition to the vaccination and nutrition campaigns, it should be noted that one of the Farmasol projects by Barceló Foundation is precisely in the town of Amakuriat. Its main objective is the maintenance and supply of all medications and materials necessary for the operation of the health center. Even though there is a government health infrastructure in the area, it is practically in disuse because it has no medication or materials. So much so, that even on occasion specific medications are requested from the Amakuriat health center in cases of emergency, such as the one for malaria last summer.

“This initiative is very important and necessary for the rural population. That is why it is necessary to undertake campaigns of this type, to ensure that the child population is vaccinated,” concludes the Barceló Foundation project technique.