La Fundación Barceló conmemora el Día de la Nutrición

2020.05.28 // Read More

Conscientes que la alimentación es esencial para la supervivencia y el buen estado de salud de las personas, la entidad mallorquina financia 14 guarderías en Turkana (Kenia) para paliar la desnutrición de más de 1.500 niños.

Mallorca Integra Foundation restarts its face-to-face attention

2020.05.25 // Read More

Upon entering phase 1 of the desescalation of COVID19, the entity physically resumes its “Fly” orientation and insertion’s job program, financed by our Foundation, for young people in vulnerable situations.

For the first time in history, the Capella Mallorquina cancels its concert in Felanitx

2020.05.21 // Read More

Next May 30th the choir, sponsored by the Barceló Foundation, will not be able to offer its traditional concert in the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador due to the state of alarm by the COVID-19.

Alliance between Recover Foundation and Barceló Foundation in Cameroon

2020.05.19 // Read More

Both entities are building a physiotherapy center at the St. Rosaire hospital in Mbalmayo, to be able to rehabilitate more than 1.500 patients with various pathologies.

Naüm stays at home

2020.05.15 // Read More

The Association reinvents its family psycho-social care project “Som Roques”, financed by our Foundation, to reinforce the care of 200 minors at risk of social exclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barceló Foundation builds a nursery school in Kenya

2020.05.11 // Read More

The entity builds, together with the Mensa Domini Sisters, a new educational complex that will benefit 105 children, between 2 and 7 years old, from the Morueris area.

Fish donation to the Alisol project

2020.05.07 // Read More

The Barceló Foundation, throught its Solidarity Food project, distributes 117 kgs of fish to soup kitchens in Majorca to enrich the diet of most-needed people in these hard times marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting inclusive education in Guatemala

2020.05.05 // Read More

For the eighth consecutive year, we renewed the collaboration agreement with the NGO “Senderos de Maíz” for the rehabilitation and integration of 600 visually or hearing impaired children from the department of Sololá in traditional schools in the country.

New mobile clinic in Kenya

2020.04.28 // Read More

In addition to the mobile clinic in Kaikor, the Barceló Foundation starts another project in the Turkana district to try to alleviate 800 children and elderly people’s malnutrition.

NEMO Foundation adapts to COVID-19

2020.04.24 // Read More

The entity digitizes its project “Caring for the Caregiver”, financed by our Foundation, to be able to continue accompanying relatives of children with neuro-developmental problems during confinement.