Barceló Foundation finances the building of a mill in Haiti

2021.02.22 // Read More

Barceló Foundation has paid for the building of a grain mill in the area of Saint-Jean-du Sud (Haiti), in order to reduce the workload of women and children, who had to travel between 25 and 30 km (10 hours- daily) to grind grain in the nearest mill. They had to travel 25 to 30 km – 10 hours – every day to grind grain at the nearest mill. If the grain is ground by hand, it would take five hours to grind eight kilograms of grain.

CaixaBank joins the Alisol project

2021.02.18 // Read More

CaixaBank, through a financial contribution from ” La Caixa” Foundation has strengthened its support for the social work of the Barceló Foundation and will give 20.000 euros to the solidarity food distribution project ‘Alisol’, through which this Majorcan entity distributes fresh food to social organizations that serve people in vulnerable situations. An initiative to which the Barceló Foundation has already allocated part of the CaixaBank Private Banking Solidarity Award for the best trajectory, received in October last year.

Eight beneficiaries of Madagascar’s Women’s Comprehensive Care Center get a job

2021.02.15 // Read More

Eight women beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Care Center for Women (CAIF) in Madagascar -a project supported by the Barceló Foundation- have obtained employment at the Association of Women for the Development of the Anakalika Neighborhood of Tulear (AFEDEQUAN) in the African country.

Nutrition and education campaign in Turkana raises 3.000 euros

2021.02.05 // Read More

The campaign to promote the education and nutrition of children in Turkana (Kenya) that Barceló Foundation launched last October has raised 3.000 euros. An amount that will be used to cover the food and education expenses of 100 children in on of the 14 nurseries that the Majorcan entity has promoted in this semi-arid and extremely poor area, located in the northwestern area of Kenya, bordering Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Fundación Barceló repartirá más de 283.000 kilos de alimentos a entidades sociales de Mallorca

2021.02.01 // Read More

Con el fin de dar respuesta al incremento de familias en situación de vulnerabilidad que demandan alimentos en Mallorca, el Patronato de Fundación Barceló ha aprobado ampliar el proyecto ‘Alisol’ de reparto de alimentos solidarios. Así, para este año 2021 la entidad mallorquina distribuirá más de 283.000 kg. de alimentos -prácticamente 100.000 kg. más que en 2020- entre distintas entidades sociales de la Isla.

Capella Mallorquina concert postponed

2021.01.27 // Read More

The first concert scheduled for this 2021 of Capella Mallorquina -at the Basilica of Sant Miquel in Palma for 28th Thursday January-, has been postponed due to the prohibition of the Conselleria de Sanidad to perform concerts outside theaters or auditoriums, during the current phase of Level 4 reinforced, due to the pandemic of covid-19.

Barceló Hotel Group delivers 110 kg of food to Alisol project

2021.01.22 // Read More

Barceló Hotel Group has delivered to the Barceló Foundation 110 kg of basic necessities, as well as hygiene and cleaning products donated by its employees, on the occasion of the Christmas Campaign organized at its headquarters in Palma. This food will be delivered to people in situations of social vulnerability, through the Alisol solidarity food distribution project.

First Concert of the year of The Capella Mallorquina

2021.01.20 // Read More

The Basilica of Sant Miquel of Palma will host on January 28 -at 8 pm- the first concert of the year of Capella Mallorquina, sponsored by the Barceló Foundation. A recital, whose attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a polyphonic concert directed on this occasion by José Martínez and will feature Cristina Van Roy, Camila Durán and Gerónimo Seib as soloists.