Orthopedic surgeries in Kinshasa

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In Kinshasa, Dem. Rep. Congo, is located the Monkole Hospitalary Center, where we collaborate with Amigos de Monkole Foundation, has started the project that will achieve total of 8 hip replacement will be implanted in young patients with sickle cell disease and 42 children, who lives in marginalized and disadvantaged areas of the city, will be improve their quality of life with the correction of rickets or clubfoot.

Two medical teams of Spanish volunteer orthopedic surgeons have been deployed to carry out the hip replacement surgeries, which make it possible to perform this type of surgeries in the country, while the rickets surgeries are performed by a local medical team.


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Capella Mallorquina continues with its intense concert activity in times of pandemic offering this coming Saturday May 29th a new performance of its Season 20/21.

The concert will be at 06:00 pm in the Church of Sant Miquel of Felanitx and is sponsored by the Barceló Foundation, of which the Capella Mallorquina is Cultural Work. Since 1999 and by initiative of the Barceló Foundation, the Capella has been offering every last Saturday of May a polyphonic concert as a tribute to Mare de Déu of Sant Salvador. Due to the restrictions derived from the Covid, this year the concert will be offered in the parish church of Felanitx, with much greater capacity of public.

The program prepared by the Capella is presented as a great celebration of polyphonic “a cappella” music and will show its great versatility, offering a variety of works from different periods and musical styles.

As a tribute to the Mare de Déu, 3 Ave Marias will be interpreted. One of them will be by the 16th century franco-flemish composer, Jacob Arcadelt. Another one, the one of the 20th century german, Félix Engelhart. Both are little known, but of great beauty. The third needs no introduction: the very popular Ave Maria by the great 19th century austrian composer, Franz Schubert. The tenor Geronimo Seib will sing the solo part together with the choir.

The rest of the program is a very international journey through the music of different countries, with popular works or great authors from New Zealand, Israel, Czech Republic, Argentina, Guinea, South Africa or Kenya. Thus, pieces such as the Kyrie of the Missa Criolla by Ariel Ramírez, the Pokare Kare, a beautiful Maori song, the African Ee mama yetu and Toura-wimove, the White rainbow by Josef Hadar or the Haderech Nurit Hirsch can be heard.

Among the Spanish repertoire, three popular pieces from the Basque Country, Galicia and Andalusia stand out, and among the pieces by Mallorcan authors, those of Bernat Julià and Baltasar Samper stand out, always very inspired by traditional music.

Admission will be free with a voluntary donation to raise funds for the Felanitx ALISOL food program which supplies some 320.000 kg of fruits, vegetables and greens to 18 charities in Palma, Campos, Felanitx, Santa Eugenia, etc. with an average of 7.000 final beneficiaries in Mallorca.

Sopranos Laura Melo and Camila Durán and tenors Miquel Estelrich and Gerónimo Seib will perform as soloists. The concert will be conducted by José Martínez.




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This year, the Alisol Project has increased the number of entities with which it collaborates, increasing both the kilograms distributed weekly as well as the beneficiaries of the project.

One of the entities that have joined to the project is Càritas Petra, which has received in May the first donation of fresh food for its monthly distribution.

Càritas Petra has been helping to the neediest for more than 55 years by offering them basic food in coordination with the Social Services of the Mancomunitat del Pla. In 2019 they opened a new center in the rectory of Parish for the storage and distribution of donations with the aim to create a more welcoming space for both organizers and users.

Respect to the previous year, the number of people coming to the parish has increased by 78%. There are currently 64 families (about 350 people) who benefit from the assistance provided by the parish in its monthly distribution.

A distribution that is made possible thanks to the help of Food Bank, Petra City Council, donations from particular people and now to our Foundation, so that several people in charge of Càritas Petra Parish have expressed their gratitude for the collaboration received.


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Being a deaf person in Africa implies assuming a social stigma, unfortunately children suffering from deafness are considered as “bewitched”, despite the fact that in many cases the deafness is caused by illnesses of both the pregnant mother and the baby, ear infections, lack of hygiene and lack of treatment.

In many African countries, general knowledge about hearing impairment is very limited and the lack of resources means that there are no programs for the detection of hearing loss and the integration of these people into social life.

The Farmasol project, launched in Uganda in 2015 with the aim of improving health conditions and facilitating access to medicines for patients without resources, is the starting point of this story. In Uganda, we started our interventions on the African continent by opening several Solidarity Pharmacies in Gulu, Padibe, Nakaseke, Abedober, Butare, Kabale, Lukka, and Karungu in collaboration with various Missions and local organizations. After 6 years, our presence has been expanding its interventions, carrying out actions to meet the needs that arose in the area (childbirth care, care of patients with chronic diseases, construction of wells, savings groups, construction of a poultry farm, granting of microcredits, etc.).

It was in one of the educational talks at Padibe that we met Amoo Sophie, mother of Emmanuel, a child deaf since birth. Since we knew his situation, we tried to see how we could help him and in 2021 he underwent an operation for the placement of a cochlear implant.

Although at first it was considered to move Emmanuel to Spain to undergo the operation, it was finally decided to perform the surgery in his country, mainly thinking of the child’s well-being, in addition to the fact that the post-operative follow-up and the two years of speech therapy he must attend had to be done in Uganda and in his native language.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, which stopped the whole world, the operation was postponed several times until it was successfully performed in November 2020.

Currently Emmanuel already has his implant in place which will allow him to process sounds and language. We are closely following his evolution; we hope that in a year he will be able to communicate and improve his quality of life.

May 12 International Nurses Day

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Sister Gabriella is the nurse in charge of the Amakuriat health center in one of the most remote areas of Kenya. She has been in Africa for more than 50 years, dedicated to the health of all those in need, both in the field of prevention and treatment of diseases.

We have been working hand in hand with sister Gabriella since 2016, and we have been able to see her vocation for her work. This disposition is evident in her day to day work, since, to dedicate oneself to nursing, it is essential that the professionals in this specialty are truly committed to their work, in order to carry out a medical, human and quality service.

Sister Gabriella tells us today “on the day of the nurse”, how things have been changing since she arrived in Africa, how she has had to fight to eradicate certain traditions and rituals, such as pulling the teeth of children when they had fever, then they arrived at the center with infections that were very difficult to treat. Thanks to her work and that of the other nurses who work with her and travel to the villages, this practice has been eradicated.

In addition to financing all the medication for the health center, from the Foundation we have promoted two programs, one of nutrition and the other of vaccination to be able to detect the malnourished in the villages and to vaccinate the children in the areas farthest from the health center, through the hiring of two nurses who work together with Sister Gabriella.

Today Sister Gabriella, despite being over 80 years old, is still active working at the health center all day and even driving the ambulance at night to take emergencies to the nearest hospital. She tells us that she does not feel tired at all and is willing to continue as long as her strength allows.

Microcredits for training in Nicaragua

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The collaboration between our Foundation and the Association for the Promotion of the Development of Nicaragua (AFODENIC) began in 2004.

After 17 years of close collaboration in the development of various microcredit initiatives, we continue in 2021 with the project for the creation of an Industrial Technical Training Center in the field of cabinetmaking, in the city of Juigalpa Chontales, as a tool for the insertion into the labor market of young people in the region.

The program of studies is composed of 4 intensive courses for 6 months each, with a total duration of 1,256 academic hours per year. Each workshop has 10 students who have the option of taking the workshop during the day or at night.

During the training, its 80 students will specialize according to their choice in carpentry, lathe, carving and painting, and at the end they will be able to have their training accredited by the National Technological Institute (INATEC).

Whereas there are no Technical Training Centers in Chontales, this training is essential for the labor market insertion of students in the area.

It is a project that counts with the collaboration of several organizations such as the National Forestry Institute (INAFOR), which provides the wood as raw material for the project.

This social project in the field of technical education is an innovative project in the department of Chontales, thus setting an example for the development of other educational centers by private initiative and contributes to reducing the migration of the young population, in addition to ensure the economic sustainability of the families.

Being a midwife in Ethiopia

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On the International Day of the Midwife, today we want to talk about the project “Maternity in Zizencho”, one of our childbirth cares projects, that in 2017 created in Ethiopia and today continues to.

In collaboration with Bethany Sisters, our Foundation finances both training and diagnostic equipment (ultrasound scanner) for the midwifes at the health center, in addition the maintenance costs and maternity operation.

Thanks to this project, free prenatal care is guaranteed to women in the area, in addition to covering the costs of childbirth and ensuring the necessary food, medication and treatment during the mothers’ stay at the health center.

The important work of midwifes in ensuring safe pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum deliveries makes it possible for more than 1.000 deliveries to be attended each year, in which babies are born healthy.

This is an important date, since the WHO data talks about 4 mothers dies in Ethiopia and 28 babies per 1.000 births.

In this case, there are the Bethany Sisters who carry on this important work to bring at the world a new life, thanks to this training like a nurses and midwife, thus contributing to the reduction of the neonatal death rate in the country.


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In 2018 we started our collaboration with the Health Center Abedober in Uganda, with the supply of the annual medication for the proper functioning of the health center, managed by the physician Sister Justine of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate Congregation.

The area where the health center is located is a rural area where not long ago, there was a war, and where the infrastructure leaves much to be desired, so this health center is gradually improving its facilities.

After two years of collaboration, in 2020, together with the supply of all the materials and medication for almost 4.000 beneficiaries, we have expanded the intervention by building the facilities that house the pharmacy and a waiting room for the Center.

These constructions have made it possible to reorganize the health center’s facilities and expand the patient care area, especially the safe maternity and childbirth care program where the Foundation provides medication.

In addition, the fact of having medicines on a continuous basis ensures that patients attend the center, since on other occasions if there are no medicines for a period of time, patients stop attending the health center, all of which affects their state of health.

In 2021 we have renewed our partnership due to the need and the good results of the project.


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A new Company joins as a collaborator of the Donation and Distribution of Food of our Foundation.


The meat wholesaler Company HERMANAS BUADES has donated 99 kg of meat. This important donation, added to the 1.194 kg bought by the Foundation, has been distributed among 6 of the 18 entities that collaborate in the weekly distribution of food that we started in 2013, the year in which the Alisol Project (Solidarity Food) began to offer a varied and balanced diet to those people who come to the various associations in Mallorca, which attend people in vulnerable situation.  


The donated products include beef stew, chicken thighs, whole chickens and pork loin belts. These donations will make it possible to prepare appetizing menus for the users of the dining rooms and residences where they will be served during the next week.


From the Foundation we thank to HERMANAS BUADES for this generous donation

Two new concerts in April by Capella Mallorquina

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The Santa Maria la Major Church in Inca and the Santa Creu Church in Palma will host this April two new concerts of Capella Mallorquina, sponsored by the Barceló Foundation.