Presentation of the book “Respiralio and the Great Blue Bear”

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In 2016, the Foundation launched a call for grants to carry out solidarity projects in Mallorca. One of the 14 selected entities was the Respiralia Foundation with the project “Education is health in Cystic Fibrosis”, subsidized with 37,647 euros for its realization.

Granting of educational grants for vocational training

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 For the second consecutive year, the Barceló Foundation awards two scholarships for students of the Technical School Hotel Serranía in the Dominican Republic.

A picture of the Contemporary fund of the Barceló Foundation is transferred to Formentor

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The place, the Hotel Barceló de Formentor, could not be more propitious to temporarily host the work of the artistic patrimonial fund of the Foundation.

The Barceló Foundation ships 750 kg. of medical material to Nicaragua.

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Aware that Health is the fundamental pillar on which individuals and communities can begin their development process, the Barceló Foundation created the AMI Program (International Medical Assistance Program) in 1995.

The Barceló Foundation inaugurates “La llok fugaç i perenne” by Àngel Pascual Rodrigo

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 The headquarters of the Barceló Foundation in Felanitx inaugurated last Friday, August 18th, a new painting exhibition on the occasion of the renowned Nit de l’Art, which is celebrated annually on the occasion of St. Augustine’s  festivities.

End of course 2016/2017 in Gonzagueville, Ivory Coast

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Support for projects in the field of Education is one of the priority activities of the Barceló Foundation, aware that it is a key factor in the personal, social and economic development of people.

First products cultivated in the orchard of Projecte Home

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Last November, the Barceló Foundation signed a collaboration agreement to finance the construction of an orchard area and the planting of fruit trees in the new headquarters of the Projecte Home in the Balearic Islands, as well as to promote the training and therapy of its users .

The Foundation presents a recognition to the Barceló Foundation

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For the first time, at the annual dinner organized by the in gratitude to all the people and entities that collaborate to enable them to carry out their work, it  gave some acknowledgments to the entities that most regularly help the organization .

The exhibition “Farmasol Project. Solidarity pharmacies, Education for health” to be displayed in Son Espases

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Next February 2018, the Hospital Universitari de Son Espases will be the new headquarters to host the traveling exhibition “Farmasol Project. Solidarity Pharmacies, Education for Health “.

The Barceló Foundation collaborates in the construction of a home for volunteers in Rwanda

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The Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts was founded in Campos (Mallorca) by Sebastiana Lladó i Sala, sor María Rafaela, in 1891. Its missions are spread out in various countries such as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala and, for more than 30 years, in Rwanda.