The Barceló Foundation does not forget the neediest during Christmas

2017.01.05 // Read More

On the occasion of these dates, the Mallorcan entity has delivered a special donation of meat to four soup kitchens on the island of Mallorca. The objective is clear, that no disadvantaged person is left without fresh food at Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Three Wise Mens Day.

Presentation of the Patrimonial Catalog of the Barceló Foundation

2016.12.19 // Read More

On December 15th, the Mallorcan entity presented for the first time a book that includes part of the works of art that it owns in its patrimonial fund.

The Barceló Foundation opens “Temps de Nadal” (Christmas Time)

2016.12.16 // Read More

On the occasion of Christmas, the Mallorcan entity has organized a joint exhibition by the painter Maria Vich and the restorer and historian Miquel Àngel Moncadas.

Collaborate with the Barceló Foundation in the Christmas Lottery

2016.12.07 // Read More

The Mallorcan entity makes available to those interested in participating in the tenth Christmas’ lottery to raise funds for the FARMASOL project (Solidarity Pharmacy and Health Education).

The Barceló Foundation commemorates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

2016.12.02 // Read More

For four years, the Mallorcan entity has funded a project in Guatemala to support inclusive education and the psychological and medical care of children with disabilities.

The Barceló Foundation opens the ninth solidarity pharmacy in Africa

2016.11.22 // Read More

The fourth pharmacy opened by the FARMASOL project this year is located in Chad, more specifically in the Goundi village hospital and is expected to benefit more than 40,000 people.

Collaboration agreement between the Barceló Foundation and Projecte Home Balears

2016.11.14 // Read More

The Mallorcan Foundation will finance the construction of an area of orchards and the planting of fruit trees in the nine headquarters of Projecte Home Balears, to favor the training and therapy of its users.

The Barceló Foundation rebuilds a primary school in Nepal, seriously affected by the earthquakes of 2015

2016.11.08 // Read More

The Foundation, together with the Hugging Nepal Association, rebuilds the Shree Bhumedevi public school in the village of Gahare in Nukawot, providing it with anti-seismic structures, to guarantee the schooling of 55 children.

The Barceló Foundation gives 200,000 euros to different charities in Mallorca

2016.10.28 // Read More

The Mallorcan entity presents at a press conference the resolution of the call for grants launched in June to carry out solidarity projects on the island.

The Barceló Foundation inaugurates a new photographic exhibition

2016.11.02 // Read More

The sample entitled “FARMASOL Project. Solidarity Pharmacies and Health Education” reflects the two years of action of the Mallorcan entity in the African continent, through the solidarity project FARMASOL.