The Barceló Foundation inaugurates the exhibition “Temps de vermar” by María Vich

2014.12.19 // Read More

After the exhibition commemorating its XXV anniversary, the Mallorquian entity inaugurates a new exhibition of paintings by the artist from Felanitx, Maria Vich

The painter Maria Vich donates 131 new paintings to the Barceló Foundation

2014.12.17 // Read More

After her first donation in 1996, Maria Vich has recently donated 131 new paintings to the Barceló Foundation.

The Barceló Foundation delivers 900 kg of medical supplies in Nicaragua

2014.11.27 // Read More

Within the program of International Medical Assistance (AMI), the Barceló Foundation delivered a few days ago 900 kg of medical supplies to various medical centers and health posts in Nicaragua.

The Barceló Foundation is selling tenth-shares of Spanish Christmas lottery

2014.11.21 // Read More

For one more year, the Barceló Foundation provides tenth-shares of Spanish Christmas lottery in order to raise funds for the charity projects conducted by the entity.

The Barceló Foundation will attend the XVII Congress of Volunteerism

2014.11.17 // Read More

The next 27th, 28th and 29th November Palma will become the cradle of volunteering. The School of Hotel Management at the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) will host the XVII State Congress of Volunteerism.

The Barceló Foundation extends its collection of paintings

2014.11.12 // Read More

The Mallorquian entity has recently purchased the painting called “La Caleta” by Tito Cittadini. The painting, from 1916, is an oil belonging to the Symbolist period of the artist (1914-1922), considered by experts as the most stylistically defined.

Leopoldo Abadía completes the series of talks: “Economics for sensible people”

2014.10.31 // Read More

The teacher and writer Leopoldo Abadía gave yesterday the sixth and final talk of the series “Economics for sensible people”, organized by the Cercle Financer de Balears and the Barceló Foundation, at the occasion of the XXV anniversary of the latter.

The Barceló Foundation thanks the ALISOL project associates for their cooperation

2014.10.23 // Read More

The Barceló Foundation recently presented a certificate of appreciation to all partners of the ALISOL project, (project distributing solidarity food). Among these entities were Esplet, Agroilla, Asaja, Quely or Magatzem Verd.

The Barceló Foundation regrets the new earthquake in Nicaragua and El Salvador

2014.10.16 // Read More

The Barceló Foundation regrets the new earthquake that shook last Tuesday a country in which the Foundation has been working for nearly twenty years, with more than 7 million euros invested and 260,000 beneficiaries.

The Barceló Foundation renews sponsorship agreement with Capella Mallorquina

2014.10.14 // Read More

This morning, the Barceló Foundation renewed its collaboration agreement with Capella Mallorquina, cultural entity sponsored by the Foundation for the season 2014-2015.