Nursery in Kenya

2020.09.28 // Read More

This year, Barceló Foundation have approved the construction of a nursery in Nangolesinyan (Kenya), which will serve to 50 children between 0 and 5 years old and will also employ a total of 14 people, including workers, teachers and kitchen staff. An initiative that will indirectly reach up to 250 beneficiaries. The project -promoted by the Calor y Café Association-, has a cost of more than 30.000 euros that has been paid almost entirely by our Foundation (27.000 euros).

The workshop “We need you” of the RANA Foundation, now also online

2020.09.21 // Read More

In order to adapt to the new reality derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, from this school year RANA Foundation will offer to the educational centers of the Balearic Islands its workshop “We need you” for the prevention of child sexual abuse in online format. An awareness initiative supported by the Barceló Foundation, through its call for aid for social projects in Majorca.

New concert of the Capella Mallorquina

2020.09.19 // Read More

Next October 22nd, the Capella Mallorquina Choir will take up again the concerts sponsored by the Barceló Foundation and will perform in the Sant Miquel Basilica in Palma, where it will offer a polyphonic concert under the direction of José María Moreno.

Scholarships in the Dominican Republic

2020.09.17 // Read More

The Barceló Foundation has granted 68 school scholarships for the 2020-2021 school year to children and young people from the Parish of Santa Catalina de Siena, in the La Isabelita neighborhood (Dominican Republic). These grants will enable their beneficiaries – students with few economic resources from the Santo Domingo area – to continue their studies in private educational centers, after not having obtained the corresponding place in public education.

Barceló Foundation, finalist in the CaixaBank Private Banking Solidarity Awards

2020.09.16 // Read More

Fundación Barceló has been selected as one of the three finalists in the third edition of the CaixaBank Private Banking Solidarity Awards, in the best career category.

Barceló Foundation, with the Telephone of Hope

2020.09.10 // Read More

On the occasion of the International Day for the Prevention of Suicidal Behavior, Antonio Monjo, managing director of the Barceló Foundation, has participated in the presentation of the report that year after year makes the Phone of Hope, one of the beneficiaries of the call for Social Projects Mallorca of the foundation.

Construction of 35 water wells in Uganda is completed

2020.09.07 // Read More

Aware that water is an indispensable element for life and for the development of any society and more so in Africa, the Barceló Foundation has just completed the construction of 35 new water wells in Uganda, one of the six African countries in which the Majorcan entity is currently developing the Farmasol projects.

“Llar del Grec” school reinforcement

2020.08.17 // Read More

The Barceló Foundation finances a school reinforcement programme for young people between 15 and 18 years old in Majorca who live in supervised appartments.

Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain appreciate the Barcelo Foundation’s work

2020.08.13 // Read More

In their recently visit to the socio-educational center NAUM, the King and Queen of Spain thanked the organizators, sponsors and workers for their support to more than 800 young people in risk of social exclusion of Son Roca’s district, in Palma.

FARMASOL expands to two new countries

2020.08.11 // Read More

After 5 years of operation, the Farmasol project (Solidarity Pharmacies and Health Education in Africa) expands to 2 new countries to further improve the health of the most disadvantaged populations in Africa.