The school year starts in Guatemala

2020.01.30 // Read More

Thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between Barceló Foundation and Vitamundi Association, this January 164 indigenous youth without resources have started classes at the Ratz’Um K’Iche Women’s Training Center in Boloncó.

Great success of convening the “Capella Mallorquina”

2020.01.27 // Read More

The cultural work sponsored by the Barceló Foundation, offered on Thursday, January 23, a charity performance at the Cultural Centre of the Sa Nostra Fundation.

“African” exhibition is moved at The Center for Military History and Culture in Palma

2020.01.24 // Read More

The photographic exhibition of the Foundation, which shows the role of women in the African continent, will be exhibited this 2020 at The Center for Military History and Culture of the Balearic Islands.

Pact for education in Ivory Coast

2020.01.22 // Read More

The Barceló Foundation and the Association for Social and Cultural Development (ASCD) financially support the Marahoué University Center, which attracts 500 university women from the capital.

Tenth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti

2020.01.17 // Read More

On January 12, 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake on the Richter scale devastated the Caribbean country at 04:53 p.m. Since then, Barceló Foundation has developed more than 20 humanitarian projects to contribute to the reconstruction of the social and economic life of its inhabitants.

Solidarity initiative for the benefit of the Barceló Foundation

2020.01.14 // Read More

Punta Umbría Mar Hotel, in Huelva, assigns the benefits of selling the old quadrants of the rooms to social projects of our Foundation.

Advocay and support for vulnerable children of Ghana

2020.01.08 // Read More

Barceló Foundation and OAfrica Association get the family reintegration of 175 orphoned and 25 disabled children from the Accra region, capital of the country.

The Board of Trustees approves the 2020 accounts

2019.12.23 // Read More

The Foundation’s highest governing body approves the budgets for the new financial year as well as the main projects and initiatives to be developed.

The Santa Catalina warehouse in collaboration with the Barceló Foundation

2019.12.19 // Read More

This small shop located in the neighborhood of Santa Catalina (Palma to Majorca) help us to sell craft bracelets made by African women.

ALISOL project experiences unstoppable growth

2019.12.16 // Read More

The Solidarity Foods Programme initiated in 2013 by the Barceló Foundation with the aim of supplying fresh products to people in need, has doubled its volume after 6 years of existence.