Presentation in “Ses Cases de Son Ametler”

2019.06.10 // Read More

The musician and writer of Felanitx Joan Círia and the Association of Neighbors of the Vivero presented yesterday the book “Rosa Mestre, an early and pioneer musician”, edited by Barceló Foundation, in “Ses Cases de son Ametler”.

The Barceló Foundation and the Association Calor and Café inaugurate a childcare centre in Kenya

2019.06.05 // Read More

Both entities join forces and build a kindergarten in the community of Sokwt to ensure the education of 50 children from 2 to 5 years old.

Everything ready for the II Youth Orchestral Meeting

2019.06.03 // Read More

All the interested people to participate in the “II Youth Orchestal Enconter”, inspired by the Abreu method, which will take place from the 8th to the 13th of July at the conservatory of Felanitx, had until the 21th of June (included) to sign up.

The Barceló Foundation publishes the Activities Report of 2018

2019.05.30 // Read More

During 2018 The Foundation carried out 146 projects in 27 different countries with a total expenditure of almost 3 million euros and more than 400 thousand beneficiaries.

The Capella Mallorquina enthusiasms in Sant Salvador (Felanitx)

2019.05.28 // Read More

Last Saturday the Mallorcan Choir offered its traditional concert in tribute to the Mother of God of San Salvador, in Felanitx, with a great public success.

Fight against child malnutrition in Rwanda

2019.05.21 // Read More

The Foundation is renewing, for the ninth year in a row, the maintenance project of the Rukara nutrition center, a city located in the east of the country, which serves more than 200 children with severe malnutrition on a monthly basis.

Empowerment of women in Senegal

2019.05.17 // Read More

The Barceló Foundation financially supports a project of the NGO Acció Solidària i Logística to improve the socioeconomic situation of 91 women in the community of Medina Boudialabou, in Senegal.

The Capella Mallorquina offers its traditional concert in homage to Mare de Déu de Sant Salvador de Felanitx

2019.05.15 // Read More

Loyal to its annual appointment, on Saturday, May 25 at 6:00 pm, the Capella Mallorquina, sponsored by the Barceló Foundation, will offer the Concert homage to the Mare de Déu de Sant Salvador, in the Sanctuary of Felanitx, which bears the same first name.

Barceló Foundation and Concordia Foundation join forces

2019.05.10 // Read More

The Barceló Foundation finances the operation of the Santa Rosa de Lima nursery in the Dominican Republic, which houses 40 children of divorced mothers, abandoned or repudiated by their families.

“Africanas” new photography exhibition of the Barceló Foundation

2019.05.08 // Read More

Yesterday afternoon, the Barceló Foundation inaugurated a new photographic exhibition entitled “Africanas”, at its headquarters on Carrer Sant Jaume, 4 in Palma.