Commemoration of the XXV Anniversary

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On the occasion of its 25th birthday the Barceló Foundation has launched a series of activities intended to disseminate the work accomplished during the last quarter century. See detailed list below:

Activity program for the celebration of the XXV anniversary of the Barceló Foundation.


As co-founder of the Barceló Foundation (BF), I want to thank God for inspiring me to create this Foundation and for giving me the privilege of working in it since its inception to present date, trying to make my modest contribution towards a better world .

I think over these 25 years the BF has rigorously fulfilled its objectives, which have been really much more important than we could imagine at first.

We have helped thousands of people to  improve their health, to have access to education and to have options to improve their modest economy and thus, trying to be sensitive to the immense needs, to be fair and unbiased in our decisions, not discriminating anyone, but considering all requests with the best will.

For this we have had the understanding and support of the members of the different Boards of Trustees, the members of the Advisory Council that we have had so far and local partners, who have worked shoulder to shoulder with us in the countries receiving our help.

We have also received personal or financial support from many anonymous people, Foundations and institutions, which has meant a significant help in the development of our tasks.

To each and every one of them, I would like to express my immense gratitude, as well as the Barceló Foundation’s.

From now on, the new generations will take up the baton in the hope that this work will continue for many years to come.

I wish and hope, that they will accept with fear and enthusiasm the challenge of leading the Foundation to brighter and higher goals, more efficiently than we have achieved so far.

I hope they will contribute with the strength and vitality of their youth, the knowledge of their better intellectual preparation, but especially the enthusiasm to help others in need.

I hope and trust that they will be able to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of this Foundation with the satisfaction of duty performed, having contributed to improve the lives of many people and thus of the human race.

Gabriel Barceló Oliver

Co-Founder and Vice president



Cycle of 6 conferences “Economy for sensible people” by Mr. Leopoldo Abadía.
March 27th  –  ¡Cómo está el mundo! CaixaFórum – 7:30 pm
April 24th  – Criterio y optimismo en temas económicos, políticos y sociales. CaixaFórum- 7:30 pm
May 29thLa globalización de la decencia. CaixaFórum – 7:30 pm.
June 26thLa revolución de la educación. CaixaFórum – 7:30 pm.
September 25thEuropa: ¿a dónde vamos? CaixaFórum – 7:30 pm.
October 30th   – Summary of th eCycle. Hope. CaixaFórum – 7:30 pm.


Inauguration Friday, May 30th , at 7:00 pm.
Visits: From Saturday, May 31st  to Saturday, July 5th  and from Monday, September 22nd  to Saturday, November 8th , 2014.
Openning hours: Monday to Friday — from 11 am to 1:30 pm,  and from 5 pm to 7:30. Saturdays from 11 am to 1:30 pm.


Guided tours of our Headquarters and our painting collection. Projection of a video at the occasion of our XXV anniversary.
Visits: From Saturday, May 31st  to Saturday, July 5th,  and from Tuesday,  September 23rd ,  to Saturday, November 8th , 2014.
Opening hours: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday at 11 am. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  at 5 pm. Prior booking necessary.


Sponsoring Passover Concert for “Project Home”.
April 14th.  Palma Cathedral.

The Barceló Foundation invites Mallorquian residents to the guided visits to its headquarters

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The Barceló Foundation opens its doors and reveals its artistic heritage within the activities of its XXV anniversary.

The cycle continues with ‘The globalization of decency’

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On Thursday, May 29th at Palma’s  CaixaForum (Plaza Weiler, 3 Palma de Mallorca), Leopoldo Abadía will give the third talk of the series “Economics for sensible people” that the Barceló Foundation, along with Cercle financer de Balears, has organized within the activity program of its XXV anniversary. Leopoldo Abadía, professor and writer will be in charge of these talks on the current economic crisis.

The conference of May 29th is entitled “The Globalization of Decency”.

The talks are free of charge, although it is necessary to confirm attendance previously at

Leopoldo Abadía begins his conference cycle.

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The Barceló Foundation, within its activity program to celebrate its XXV anniversary, has organized along with the Cercle Financer de Balears,  a series of six conferences by the professor and writer Leopoldo Abadía, on the current economic crisis, under the title “Economics for sensible people “.

The conferences will be held the last Thursday of March, April, May, June, September and October in Palma’s CaixaForum Palma (Plaza Weyler 3, Palma de Mallorca)

The first talk, entitled “How is the World!” will be held on February, Thursday 27th.

The Barceló Foundation hosts the exhibition “Fashion and Dance”

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From March 11th  ntil April 12th , 2014, the Barceló Foundation hosts the ‘Fashion and Dance’ exhibition.

From the land to the table of those most in need

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The Barceló Foundation, following its commitment to solidarity, has spent a year working to provide quality food to vulnerable families.

Magatzem Verd donates a van to the Barceló Foundation to collaborate on the “Food Solidarity”project

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Thanks to this initiative over 2,300 people will receive up to 2,000 kg of fresh food a week.

The Barceló Foundation among the most transparent

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The Barceló Foundation currently ranks third among the Family Foundations in Spain, in terms of transparency. This emerges from the report, ‘Building Trust 2012. Promoting transparency of the Spanish Foundations on the web’, Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia, now in its fourth edition.

The Barceló Foundation hosts the exhibition ‘Mallorca DigitArt’ by artist Gil Miró

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From September 17th to  October 19th , 2013, the Barceló Foundation hosts the exhibition ‘Mallorca DigitArt’, by artist Gil Miró.

The Barceló Foundation presents “35 ans après”, by Monique Amy Girard

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From August 23rd  to December 1st , the Centre of Art and Culture of Felanitx, run by the Barceló Foundation, hosts the exhibition “35 ans après” by painter Monique Amy Girard.