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Nutrition Center in Rukara (Rwanda)

2020.04.20 //

For tenth consecutive year the Barceló Foundation renews the collaboration agreement with the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts to attend more than 200 malnutrition children in Rukara.

Located in the east of the country it is a city dominated by the poverty and chronic malnutrition. An estimated 45 per cent of children under five years of age show some sign of malnutrition. For this reason, in 2011 we began to collaborate with the Missionary Teresa Cànoves, a Majorcan living in Rwanda to try to alleviate child malnutrition in the area.

For the last 10 years and with a budget of 20,000 euros per year, the Barceló Foundation has been financing the maintenance costs of the Nutrition and Food Centre to be able to attend to 200 malnourished children per month, as well as the salary of a local doctor (Dr. Richard Kwizera) who is in charge of the mother-child area of the adjoining health centre as well as the most serious cases of malnutrition.

Our Foundation also pays for the expenses of the “mutuelle”, the Rwandan public health service, so that some 3.000 adults can have access to the health system, and therefore to medical consultations and the relevant drugs for their treatment, completely free of charge.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in 2017 our Foundation also built a shelter for the volunteers who collaborate with the project, who do a commendable job in accelerating the recovery process of these children.