If you wish to collaborate with a donation, please choose the way that suits you best:

How to cooperate?

By making a financial contribution

If you want to contribute to the activities and projects carried out by the Barceló Foundation, you can make a financial contribution by bank transfer in any of the following accounts in the name of the Barceló Foundation:

BBVA: ES65 0182 4899 1800 1070 6712
Banca March: ES60 0061 0203 5313 5493 0113
BSCH: ES94 0049 5250 3721 1637 5641

As a volunteer

If you wish to collaborate as a volunteer in any of the Barceló Foundation projects, please send us your contact details and CV to:


Fiscal Benefits

Donations give the right to deduct from the income tax of individuals:

– Up to 150 € per year: 80%
– From 150 € onwards: 35%

– In the case of periodic donations, made for at least three years to the same entity for an amount equal to or greater, the reduction is 35%

For company donations, the tax exemption is 40%.

For donations made to the same entity for at least three years, the reduction is 40%.