Today we show you the final result of the “Malawi Laboratory” project. The project consisted of the construction of a one-story gabled building, about 120 square meters, used to be used as a school laboratory in the Chimwang ´ombe secondary school. The Barceló Foundation helped start the Active Africa project for the creation of this school in 2014, and to continue its growth in 2018. In 2022, the collaboration with Active Africa continued with this “Laboratorio Malawi” project.
It was an urgent need for the youth of the area and it was an express request from more than 89 local communities. They were very aware of the difficulties of their young people to continue their studies, due to the distance that separates them from other secondary schools and the high cost that families have to pay for student accommodation near them.
It currently has about 300 students distributed in the morning and afternoon shift and the construction of the laboratory, in addition to helping the school to meet the requirements demanded by the Ministry of Education, will allow students to receive the subjects in adequate facilities.