Noticias y Exposiciones


2021.05.28 //

Capella Mallorquina continues with its intense concert activity in times of pandemic offering this coming Saturday May 29th a new performance of its Season 20/21.

The concert will be at 06:00 pm in the Church of Sant Miquel of Felanitx and is sponsored by the Barceló Foundation, of which the Capella Mallorquina is Cultural Work. Since 1999 and by initiative of the Barceló Foundation, the Capella has been offering every last Saturday of May a polyphonic concert as a tribute to Mare de Déu of Sant Salvador. Due to the restrictions derived from the Covid, this year the concert will be offered in the parish church of Felanitx, with much greater capacity of public.

The program prepared by the Capella is presented as a great celebration of polyphonic “a cappella” music and will show its great versatility, offering a variety of works from different periods and musical styles.

As a tribute to the Mare de Déu, 3 Ave Marias will be interpreted. One of them will be by the 16th century franco-flemish composer, Jacob Arcadelt. Another one, the one of the 20th century german, Félix Engelhart. Both are little known, but of great beauty. The third needs no introduction: the very popular Ave Maria by the great 19th century austrian composer, Franz Schubert. The tenor Geronimo Seib will sing the solo part together with the choir.

The rest of the program is a very international journey through the music of different countries, with popular works or great authors from New Zealand, Israel, Czech Republic, Argentina, Guinea, South Africa or Kenya. Thus, pieces such as the Kyrie of the Missa Criolla by Ariel Ramírez, the Pokare Kare, a beautiful Maori song, the African Ee mama yetu and Toura-wimove, the White rainbow by Josef Hadar or the Haderech Nurit Hirsch can be heard.

Among the Spanish repertoire, three popular pieces from the Basque Country, Galicia and Andalusia stand out, and among the pieces by Mallorcan authors, those of Bernat Julià and Baltasar Samper stand out, always very inspired by traditional music.

Admission will be free with a voluntary donation to raise funds for the Felanitx ALISOL food program which supplies some 320.000 kg of fruits, vegetables and greens to 18 charities in Palma, Campos, Felanitx, Santa Eugenia, etc. with an average of 7.000 final beneficiaries in Mallorca.

Sopranos Laura Melo and Camila Durán and tenors Miquel Estelrich and Gerónimo Seib will perform as soloists. The concert will be conducted by José Martínez.