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2021.09.27 //

In the area of Turkana, Kenya, we are carrying out different interventions in the areas of health, education and water supply. In the field of education, we have earmarked an item for the construction of infrastructures, specifically we are finalising the construction of three kindergartens in different villages that will house around 300 pupils aged between 3-6 years.

In each village we will construct a building with a classroom, a store room, and a small accommodation for the teacher, since we are talking about remote areas where it is essential to be able to offer a safe place to live in order to have a teacher.

The buildings will be located in the villages of Lokalale Akwan, Loitanit and Ekopus.

The buildings will serve not only as learning centers for children, but also as nutrition centers where children can have access to a daily meal, which is the only food they will be able to eat during the day, due to the shortages suffered by the inhabitants of the area.

The building will also serve as a training center for mothers and even as a worship center for community masses.

The local population will be responsible for the supervision and transport of the stones to be used in the construction, thus contributing to the project.

Turkana County remains one of the poorest areas in Kenya and has the lowest literacy rate in the country, we believe that with this action we will raise this rate.