La Fundación Barceló contribuye a la mejora de la Educación en Haití

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Following the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010 and in order to help to its recovery, the Barceló Foundation decided to carry out a project in one of the countries with the highest poverty rate in the Americas and whose situation worsened considerably after the disaster.

The Barceló Foundation´s mission is to carry out cooperation projects in developing countries in need in Africa and Latin America. And since its beginnings, Haiti is one of the top priorities for the Foundation.

After nearly three years of work and efforts, of field trips and contacts with different local institutions, the Barceló Foundation decided to carry out an educational project in Haiti.

The “Tremblay” project

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The Barceló Foundation reached an agreement with the Congregation Filles de Marie to build a Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training School, with a capacity for 380 students in the Tremblay, Croix des Bouquets neighborhood, located about 13 km. from the capital Port-au-Prince.

The Tremblay currently has about 3,000 inhabitants, mostly young people and children and has important educational deficiencies which add to its economic and social needs: there is only one kindergarten and a primary school in the area, forcing much of the pupils to long and costly journeys to attend other schools. A new primary, secondary and vocational education school will allow children and young people in the area to complete their training plan, through a high quality education near their homes.

The school project is complemented by a residence with 28 rooms and 56 beds for the Congregation, which saw how the earthquake destroy their house in Port au Prince and caused the death of 15 religious. It also hosts also a multipurpose building with kitchen, to use both as dining and meeting room with parents, students and teachers.

The project started in March 2013, on land of 32,000 square meters property of the Congregation, and opened in June 2014, with the presence of important authorities.

The project budget has been almost 3 million euros, amount which the Barceló Foundation has commitment to finance. The Foundation wants to appeal to civil society to encourage their participation in the financing of this project and thus, joining forces, undertake a second phase of the project with the extension of the school.

The Congregation Filles de Marie

The Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Paridaens, Catholic institution founded in 1805 in Belgium, was installed in Haiti in 1913 at the primarily request of the Government, aware of their experience in the direction and management of primary, secondary and professional schools, seeking their collaboration to help in the advance of the education of young Haitians.

Since then, the Congregation has been increasing its presence in the country, becoming an institution of recognized solvency and security within the education sector, managing today a total of 15 schools in different parts of the country, meaning that about 8,000 students can benefit from them.

Important to note is that 12 of the 15 schools are public schools entrusted to the Congregation by the Government of the country, which highlights the excellence of their work and the confidence that the institution deserves by the Government.

Expansion phase

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The Congregation requests, a school of higher capacity, if possible, to accommodate 700 students. In fact, the project is designed so that the School can be expanded easily. In the images of the renderings it can be seen the two planned buildings, one on each side of the school under construction.

We are seeking economic cooperation from entities and individuals to face this second phase, with a budget of about 925,000 euros, excluding equipment and furniture.