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Since 1989, the Barceló Foundation has been active in the field of Health, Education, Cooperation, the Development of Agriculture, Art and Culture as a way to contribute to the improvement of Human, Economic and Social Development of the most vulnerable and  disadvantaged people. It helps to reduce the needs of those countries that are in a situation of great poverty according to the Human Development Index, published annually by the UN. Nevertheless, it does not forget the countries above that index but with marked levels of economic inequality and unfavorable treatment of women, which are mainly concentrated in the poorest countries of Africa and Latin America, always keeping in mind the needs of our nearest environments in Mallorca.






In 1995, with the aim of providing free medical and health care to the most needy and unassisted populations in countries of Latin America and Africa, the Barceló Foundation created the International Medical Assistance Program (AMI). Since then, there have been msny people (more than 550,000),from countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad and Kenya who, thanks to the Barceló Foundation, have been able to access health assistance service and to have, free of charge, the necessary medicines for their treatments. Many of them have had the possibility of undergoing some type of surgical intervention, to which they almost certainly would not have had Access, hadn´t the intervention of the Barceló Foundation occurred.

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From the Barceló Foundation we intend to “Educate for Change” those countries under the slogan “Learning to Learn“, a task consisting of learning not the solutions of problems but more importantly, the ability to resolute them.

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These are projects that aim to contribute to the consolidation and development of communities, both economically and healthily. The construction of aquifer structures (reservoirs, wells, etc.), the support for the increase of the capacity of the crops or the actions to get beneficiaries to have access to a better commercialization of their products, are some of the actions financed by the Foundation in this field.

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Since the beginning of 2005, the Barceló Foundation in collaboration with Paz y Tercer Mundo and Afodenic, has developed this project consisting of the construction of 498 houses in the city of Juigalpa, Chontales (Nicaragua). The houses are intended for families who can have access, for the first time in their lives, to a home of their own. All this, through the financing for 14 years without interest, of the cost of housing. In May 2007, the official inauguration of the Bosques de Juigalpán Residential Project took place. The project includes the urbanization of the land, the paving of streets, public lighting, provision of drinking water and sewage treatment plant, to facilitate all services to users, etc. The urbanization also has a park, a nursery and a supermarket that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the residential.

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They are small credits, adjusted to the needs of each beneficiary, intended to help people to create or improve self-employment and for the establishment, consolidation and empowerment of micro-enterprises.

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