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Tenth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti

2020.01.17 //

On January 12, 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake on the Richter scale devastated the Caribbean country at 04:53 p.m. Since then, Barceló Foundation has developed more than 20 humanitarian projects to contribute to the reconstruction of the social and economic life of its inhabitants.

Mainly, the actions have been aimed at two specific sectors: education and health and have benefited more than 45.000 Haitians.

One of the largest projects was the construction in 2013 of the Reina Sofía School in the neighborhood of “La Tremblay”, very close to the capital Port-au-Prince. It is an educational and residential complex, in which the Barceló Foundation invested more than 3 million euros, which currently houses 380 primary and secondary students who try to forge a better future. The project has had a major impact on improving the country’s educational quality, which had large shortcomings after the earthquake.

The Foundation has also rehabilitated schools and has improved the health infrastructures of several educational centers, such as the Le Saline Hotel School, as well as granted school scholarships to children in destitution.

In the health sector, the Foundation built in 2017 the Santa Teresita medical dispensary, in the Anse-a-Pitre area, one of the poorest in Haiti. Since then we have financed the costs of maintaining the center, as well as the provision of drugs to other hospitals to improve the network of care and quality of service offered to its inhabitants.

In recent years we have focused our projects on agriculture, more specifically on the acquisition of beef (oxen, cows, goats, etc.) or plantations (mahogany, banana, etc.) to directly improve the family income of families Beneficiaries.

Still, ten years later it’s still the poorest country of America, so we must to keep working on it.