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Advocay and support for vulnerable children of Ghana

2020.01.08 //

Barceló Foundation and OAfrica Association get the family reintegration of 175 orphoned and 25 disabled children from the Accra region, capital of the country.

Ghana is one of the countries with the highest orphanage rate in Africa. Children who lose their parents or cannot be maintained due to low family incomes are referred to centers managed by State Social Services.

Since 2020, under the slogan “Every child deserves a family”, OAfrica Association works together with the country’s Welfare Department to rescue and reintegrate into family nuclei to children who have been abandoned in illegal centers or who have suffered abuse. Moreover, children with special needs are referred to a foster home, where foster mothers respond to all their needs, like a physiotherapy sessions or medicines.

Thanks for the economic help from Barceló Foundation, which is responsible for the costs of schooling, cloths, transportation, food and health of scholarship children, more of them have returned with their biological families.

The project carried out by the OAfrica Association with the financial support of our Foundation, has already reduced the rate of child abandonment and to replace the institutional care of these children with the care of their biological or foster families.