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Detection and prevention of podoconiosis in Ethiopia

2019.02.15 //

The Foundation, together with the Bethany Sisters, funds a follow-up, education and treatment program for more than 1,500 people affected in the district of Lekka Dulacha

Podoconiosis is an inflammatory disease of the feet caused by prolonged contact with irritating mineral substances existing in the soil and suffering about one million inhabitants across the country. Apart from the swelling of the lower extremities, it is a reason for social repudiation due to the bad smell that the infected feet give off.

For this reason, for 3 years now and with a budget of 20 thousand dollars per year, the Foundation pays the costs of a specific program for the detection and treatment of patients who suffer from it, as well as a follow-up until its improvement.

Dassa Workena, 30, was one of the first people to sign up for the program. It takes all the life with this disease and it is one of those that have it at a more advanced level, in a stage 1. Even so, their situation has improved a lot and right now it always takes the feet clean and disinfected.

Wagari, nurse, and Mary, paramedic, are responsible for the project that travels through the villages on a regular basis to carry out the treatment and follow-up of the sick, as well as lectures about hygiene habits.

The Foundation gives each of the affected people a soap bar, a bottle of water, a basin and bleach to clean and disinfect their feet, as well as medicines and shoes to avoid contact with the ground.

 Contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and health of the population in those most disadvantaged countries is one of the main objectives of the Barceló Foundation.