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May 12 International Nurses Day

2021.05.12 //

Sister Gabriella is the nurse in charge of the Amakuriat health center in one of the most remote areas of Kenya. She has been in Africa for more than 50 years, dedicated to the health of all those in need, both in the field of prevention and treatment of diseases.

We have been working hand in hand with sister Gabriella since 2016, and we have been able to see her vocation for her work. This disposition is evident in her day to day work, since, to dedicate oneself to nursing, it is essential that the professionals in this specialty are truly committed to their work, in order to carry out a medical, human and quality service.

Sister Gabriella tells us today “on the day of the nurse”, how things have been changing since she arrived in Africa, how she has had to fight to eradicate certain traditions and rituals, such as pulling the teeth of children when they had fever, then they arrived at the center with infections that were very difficult to treat. Thanks to her work and that of the other nurses who work with her and travel to the villages, this practice has been eradicated.

In addition to financing all the medication for the health center, from the Foundation we have promoted two programs, one of nutrition and the other of vaccination to be able to detect the malnourished in the villages and to vaccinate the children in the areas farthest from the health center, through the hiring of two nurses who work together with Sister Gabriella.

Today Sister Gabriella, despite being over 80 years old, is still active working at the health center all day and even driving the ambulance at night to take emergencies to the nearest hospital. She tells us that she does not feel tired at all and is willing to continue as long as her strength allows.