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Donation of sanitary equipment to Nicaragua

2019.11.21 //

Barceló Foundation sends 650 kg of dental material, valued at 30.000 €, to health centers in Masachapa, San Rafael del Sur and Managua areas, to provide decent assistance to the unresourced inhabitants.

For almost twenty years, our Foundation has been collaborating with Nicaragua sending material such as medicines, gloves, needles, brushes, blisters, etc for use in health centers that need it. This year, a portable dental chair, compressor, photo lamp as well as dental prophylaxis paste, zinc oxide and painkillers, has been provided to provide complete dental care to patients.

One more year, the laboratory technician Gonzalo Barreiro, has been in charge of distributing the equipment, dental material and consultation literature among the three health centers from the country. In addition, it has also provided local personal training and has done clinical testing to all patients in need.

In August, the cargo of Mallorca was released to Nicaragua and in these three months, it has been spreading between Julio Buitrago Urroz Health Center (Masachapa), San Rafael del Sur Health Center and Cristo Obrero dispensary (Managua). All this under the supervision of Gonzalo Barreiro, who collaborates since 1998 as voluntary of Barceló Foundation, dedicating these three months to on-site work in the field.