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Donation of meat to the Alisol Project

2019.10.15 //

This year 2019, the Barceló Foundation has incorporated the distribution of meat products into the Solidarity Food Project, to enrich the diet of the neediest.

To date, we have distributed almost 1.200 kg of 8 different types of meat (chicken, turkey, veal, lamb and piglet) and we hope to reach 2.000 kg by the end of the year.

The donation has been distributed among several charities on the island, which have social canteens such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, Tardor Association, Ebenezer Maranata, Es Refugi and Siloé Association, among others.

“Thanks to the donation of Barceló Foundation, our users will be able to eat variety of meat, because we only usually offer them chicken”, they explain from Es Refugi.

The solidarity food program Alisol of the Barceló Foundation was born in 2013 with the aim of supplying fresh products such as fruits, vegetables and tubers to various associations of Majorca that attend to people with difficulties. In this way, they can also have access to quality products and enjoy a varied and balanced diet.