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Education for orphaned children in Cameroon

2019.09.12 //

The Barceló Foundation funds an educational project of the Cencuder NGO to ensure schooling of 100 orphaned children between 3 and 16 years old, at Ebase-Bajob Primary School.

Located at southwest of Cameroon, the village of Ebase-Bajoh is located in one of the most marginal areas of the Kupe-Muanenguba division. It is estimated that approximately 500 inhabitants live in extreme poverty with barely 1 dollar a week. They have neither water, nor electricity, nor telephone; they lack a medical center and there is only one school in the area, that receives minimal support from the state.

Aware of this situation, the Barceló Foundation decided to support the project, subsidized 90% of the budget. Thanks to this, they have been able to build and equip two classrooms with tables, chairs and benches; hire two teachers and provide the children with books, backpacks, uniforms and shoes to start the course.

In addition, the project has also included the construction of an ecologic garden that provides food for students and ensures their correct alimentation and of their families, too.

In this way, children will be able to learn to read, write and study; the rates of school attendance will increase and the illiteracy rates of the population will be drastically reduced (exceeding 95%).

The Cencuder NGO has been working in Cameroon for more than 10 years to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged. Specially they empower children and young people through education to fight unemployment and have a better future.