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The Executive Committee approves eight projects corresponding to the First Call for Development Grants

2021.03.12 //

The Executive Committee of the Barceló Foundation has met this Thursday and has approved to support the projects of eight of the entities that have applied to the First Call for Development Grants, promoted last January with an economic endowment of 100.000 euros.

The selected organizations have been:

  • Active África, which to build a laboratory at Chimwangombe Secondary School in Malawi.
  • Burkina Women’s Association, which will improve and extend power lines and implement a drip irrigation system in Burkina Faso.
  • Aigua per al Sahel, which to build two new water wells and rehabilitate another one in Burkina Faso
  • Friends of Monkole, which will perform 50 surgeries for children and youth with rickets and hip implants in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Saints Peter and Paul Church, which will build the first automatic drinking water well in the Naandi mission in South Sudan.
  • Mornese Foundation, which will facilitate access to drinking water for the population of Bafia and promote a feeding program for children in Cameroon.
  • Union des Cadres pour le Développement, which will set up dairy goat farms to help improve nutrition in Haiti.
  • Petit Frères de Sainte Theres, which will purchase livestock for the food and economic improvement of vulnerable families in Haiti.

“One of the main criteria we have taken into account has been the selection of projects that affect health and improve quality of life through water supply structures, as the current pandemic has further highlighted the importance of hygiene and access to water in disease prevention,” explains Antonio Monjo, director of the Barceló Foundation, while also pointing out that we have also opted for projects of another fundamental pillar for any society, such as education.

The director of the Foundation has detailed that in this call they have chosen to support integral projects and not parts of projects, in order to be able to control both results and justifications. Likewise, with respect to the applicant entities, they have valued the trajectory in the same sector, country, and local partner, as these are important issues that offer greater guarantees for the success of the proposals.

“Among the eight of these beneficiary entities, the St. Peter and Paul Parish in Naandi and the Mornese Foundation stand out, which will collaborate for the first time with the Barceló Foundation,” says Monjo, while recalling that the selected projects will be developed in the following countries Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Haiti, Malawi, Dem. Rep. Congo and South Sudan.

It should be noted that this 1st Call for Development Grants has received a total of 71 international cooperation projects, with different proposals to carry out initiatives aimed at improving living conditions in some of the most impoverished countries in Africa and Latin America.

In addition to approving the projects that the Barceló Foundation will support through this I Call for Development Grants, the Executive Committee approved the renewal of a total of 27 International Cooperation projects: 22 in the area of health; 4 in education; and 2 in agriculture.

Congratulations to the entities selected in this 1st Call for Development Grants and we encourage interested entities to apply for the next Call for Development Grants, which will be held as of next June.