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The Therapeutic Cabinet of Asnimo expands its attention

2020.10.19 //

The Therapeutic Cabinet of ASNIMO (TCA), one of the 36 projects in Majorca supported by the Barceló Foundation, has opened a new service point in Inca with the aim of bringing the service closer to the families of the city and the Raiguer region. This new point of attention joins the other three I already had in Palma, Marratxí and Calvià.

“Many families from Raiguer, requested the service and thanks to the support of the Barceló Foundation and the assignment of a space by Inca City Council, from now on they no longer have to travel to Palma and we can attend to them in their own area”, explains Rita Coll, coordinator of TCA.

Thus, currently the Therapeutic Cabinet of Asnimo pays attention in Inca three days a week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In addition, it also pays attention in Calvià (Tuesday and Thursday), Marratxí (from Monday to Friday) and Palma (from Monday to Friday).


The Therapeutic Cabinet of Asnimo is a service specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, whose aim is to promote the development and autonomy of its users in areas as important as communication and language, social relationships, appropriate behavior, learning difficulties, emotional skills, self-regulation, etc.

Its methodology is based on an individual and direct intervention, with specific programs agreed with the families.

“This service was created to answer the families of children with autism spectrum disorder and we have a team with a wide experience in this field. But we do not forget that Asnimo was the first entity in Spain in the care of people with Down syndrome and as a reference, we have also decided to open a TCA department specialized in Down syndrome”, says Rita Coll.