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THE BALEARIC GOVERNMENT GRANTS THE INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION PROJECT “Right to health – access, promotion and improvement of health conditions of rural communities in Mandura, Ethiopia”.

2021.07.20 //

The Balearic Government subsidised the project “Right to health – access, promotion and improvement of the health conditions of the rural communities of Mandura, Ethiopia” with 9.904 €, which represents 40 % of the total amount for the execution of the project.

The project consists of supplying all the medicines and materials for the operation of the health centre, the maintenance of qualified personnel who, in addition to working in the health centre, periodically travel to the communities to carry out vaccinations and give workshops and talks on health education and awareness-raising to the population, The importance of giving birth in health centres to improve health and, in general, the living conditions of the Mandura population, which due to the tribal confrontation in the area and the added problems of uncertainty and insecurity, is making it very difficult to continue with the project, thus making an urgent appeal.

The project is part of the Barceló Foundation’s project of solidarity pharmacies and health education, “FARMASOL”, which in Ethiopia has 12 Farmasol Projects and other health and education projects, such as scholarships, nutrition programs, etc. that are operating in different regions of the country.

Specifically in Mandura, we have been collaborating since 2017 with the construction of the maternity hospital, the supply of medication and different actions in the area such as the construction of a social centre, the planting of trees for reforestation, educational scholarships for 456 students at the Mandura school, the construction of latrines, showers and toilets at the school.

Each intervention helps to improve the living conditions of the local population whom we know and with whom we are extending our interventions as they request them.