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2021.07.08 //

The Balearic Government subsidised the project “Promotion of women and ecology in Abobo, Ethiopia” with 26.508 €, which represents 89 % of the total amount for the execution of the project.

The project “Promotion of women and ecology in Abobo” aims to improve the living conditions of the women of Abobo through three interventions:

1 – Medical care and safe childbirth for women who are treated at the health centre, by refurbishing the facilities and encouraging them to attend the centre to give birth through workshops.

2 – Promotion of the use of clean energy to reduce the use of fuel and pollution through the installation of solar panels.

3 – Development of the gender approach, promoting access to education and leisure time for girls and women through the organisation of computer and English language training.

This action is part of the Barceló Foundation’s strategy of grouping interventions in the same area in order to intervene in different aspects of society and achieve real change over time.

For our part, we have been collaborating in the “Abobo health project” since 2016 with the supply of medication and material for the operation of the centre, within the Farmasol project.

As a result of the work with those responsible for the health centre and the study of the situation of the population, different actions have been carried out jointly, not only the supply of medicines, but also awareness and deworming campaigns, improvement of infrastructures such as water collection systems, and participation in extracurricular and educational activities for the children in the area.

For this reason, when the local authorities expressed to us the need to improve the maternity programme through the rehabilitation of the necessary infrastructures, which also includes an education programme for girls and an ecological and sustainable awareness of these infrastructures, we decided to collaborate again in this specific project as it fits perfectly with the Foundation’s strategic lines of improving the quality of life of the population of Ethiopia through health and education.

The local counterpart and final responsible of the project are the brothers Gilbert and Joseph of the congregation of the Brothers of Charity “Charity Brothers”.