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The Board of Trustees approves the 2020 accounts

2019.12.23 //

The Foundation’s highest governing body approves the budgets for the new financial year as well as the main projects and initiatives to be developed.

In particular, a total of EUR 2 million will be earmarked for the implementation of 61 humanitarian projects, in the areas of health, education and agricultural-environmental.

The best project for 2020 will be the construction of 50 water wells in Nakaseke, Uganda, to facilitate access to safe water for 50 communities or 18,000 Africans, as well as to reduce the high rate of waterborne diseases (cholera, typhus, diarrhoea, etc.).

During the new year the Foundation will also announce the selected entities of the third call for social projects in Mallorca, which it will provide a total of 150.000 euros to finance its actions in the field of social services.

We will also continue to carry out the projects FARMASOL (Solidarity Pharmacies and Health Education in Africa) and ALISOL (Solidarity Foods) that are being successful since their creation.

The members of the Board of Trustees, were met last week and gave the ok to both the action plan and the budget for 2020, preserving the rules, values and criteria established by the Founders.