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The Boord of Trustees of Barceló Foundation approves the action plan for 2021

2020.12.17 //

The Board of Trustees of the Barceló Foundation met this week to approve the 2021 budgets, as well as to set the roadmap for the Majorcan entity to follow next year.

Due to the pandemic that we are experiencing and the restrictions set by the health authorities, the meeting was held by videoconference. Antonio Monjo, director of the Foundation, explained the action plan, objectives and budget planned for 2021.

Action plan 2021

An action plan that contemplates the extension of the Alisol solidarity food distribution project, in order to respond to the increase of families in a situation of vulnerability on our island who demand this type of help.

Likewise, work will continue on the cooperation projects that are being developed in some of the poorest countries in Africa and Latin America, focusing on the areas of health, education and cooperation for development. Among them, the commitment to continue building wells for drinking water in Uganda stands out.

In Mallorca, there will be a renewal of the Mallorca Social Projects program, through which the Barceló Foundation supports the work of entities that work with vulnerable groups.

Although the irruption of the covid-19 caused the suspension of all artistic and cultural activity of the foundation, for next year and if circumstances permit, two exhibitions are planned in Palma and one in Felanitx. Likewise, the musical activity of both Capella Mallorquina and the young violinist Kiran Rosselló will continue to be supported.

For all this, Barceló Foundation will have a budget of more than 2.3 million euros. Both the action plan and the 2021 objectives and budget were approved by all members of the Board of Trustees.