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Painter Guillermo Gil donates a painting to the Barceló Foundation

2019.11.05 //

After completing the exhibition “Gil and Friends“, the artist donates his work entitled “Dei” to the Foundation in a sign of gratitude.

It is an oil on canvas, 162 x 130 cms, made in 2003 that now goes on to thicken the artistic heritage of our Foundation.

Born in Establiments in 1936, Guillermo Gil Pons is one of the few exhibits left on the island of Mallorca costumbrista. Passionate about nature, he has captured in his fabrics the landscapes of Sóller, Valldemossa, Deia, etc. In fact, he is considered as the painter of the Serra de Tramuntana par excellence, since he has dedicated much of his work to this natural heritage, declared BIC by UNESCO in 2011. Every oil and every brushstroke of the artist has the ability to move us to the hidden and incredible places of Mallorca, making us participate in situ,before the work, of the rich landscape and chromatic of the island.

Throughout his career he has exhibited in galleries in Palma, Barcelona, Valencia and Germany. Today, at 83, he continues to paint in his studio in Establiments.