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The workshop “We need you” of the RANA Foundation, now also online

2020.09.21 //

In order to adapt to the new reality derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, from this school year RANA Foundation will offer to the educational centers of the Balearic Islands its workshop “We need you” for the prevention of child sexual abuse in online format. An awareness initiative supported by the Barceló Foundation, through its call for aid for social projects in Majorca.

“The workshop will be given through digital media and will use video testimonials with examples of cases in Social Networks. It will be done through Streaming, in real time,” explains Pilar Sevilla, director of the RANA Foundation, who emphasizes that the entity will adapt to the organization of each institute in order to facilitate the training as much as possible.

“Nos haces falta” is destined to secondary students from 1st to 4th of ESO, with ages between 12 and 16 years old and its purpose is to prevent and act against the sexual abuse that young people and teenagers could suffer or have suffered. 

For this, RANA Foundation professionals use a participatory methodology, which starts with a brainstorming of what students understand by child sexual abuse. Then, they work in groups, analyzing different cases (situations, news, fragments of a documentary, social network profiles) to dismantle the myths that exist about sexual abuse.

“In this way, they know what sexual abuse is, they lose the fear of talking about situations that may pose a risk and they acquire tools for self-protection. We work specifically on cases of situations between equals where egalitarian relationships are promoted without violence or control,” they argue from the entity.