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The Telephone of Hope receives 30.000 calls during the COVID19 crisis

2020.06.11 //

Between March, April and May the association (sponsored by the Barceló Foundation) has received 30.084 requests for assistance, an increase of 30% over 2019.

4.746 of these daily calls have been related to the state of alarm decreed by the Spanish authorities. The majority of users have been women between 56 and 65 years suffering an emotional or psychological crisis due to the coronavirus. The four most common problems have been loneliness, anxiety, elderly people with physical problems and family conflicts arising from the confinement.

Due to the health crisis generated by the COVID-19 and in view of the exceptional situation that the country is going through, the Telephone of Hope has launched a new professional intervention counselling service for elderly people, through which specialised psychologists deal with the psychial pain derived from confinement.

This is one of the 36 entities that the Barceló Foundation has decided to support for the third consecutive year, granting it a subsidy of 6.000 euros to finance the project “Training Programs 2020”, through which all the volunteers who attend and offer psychological help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to people who are going through important moments of crisis are trained.

The Telephone of Hope is a free psychological care service all over Spain, which in its almost 50 years of existence has answered more than 5 million calls, conducted 250.000 personal interviews, given 10.000 courses on emotional health and trained more than 25.000 volunteers.