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Four new social entities join the Alisol project

2021.03.25 //

Four new social entities in Mallorca -Zaqueo, Cáritas Porreres, San Juan de Dios Mallorca Foundation and SOS Mamás, have joined the solidarity food distribution project ‘Alisol’, through which the Barceló Foundation distributes fresh products to associations and foundations that serve people in vulnerable situations.

“We are aware of the significant increase of families in vulnerable situations that demand food in Mallorca and this year we plan to distribute 283.000 kg of food, almost 100.000 kg more than in 2020. That is why we have incorporated these new entities, which are added to the 14 we were already working with,” explains Antonio Monjo, managing director of Barceló Foundation.

Thus, the Alisol project currently has 18 beneficiary entities: Patronato Obrero, Montision Solidaria Foundation, Orden Mercedaria, Es Refugi, La Viña, Hermanitas de los Pobres, Siloé, Ebenezer Maranata, Tardor Foundation, La Salle, Cáritas Llucmajor, Cáritas Campos, Religiosas de Felanitx and Cáritas Cala d’Or, now joined by Zaqueo, Cáritas Porreres, San Juan de Dios Mallorca Foundation and SOS Mamás.

“Three times a week we deliver fresh food, including fruit, vegetables and greens. In addition, we also regularly deliver meat and fish. This March, for example, we delivered around 1.000 kilos of meat and 400 kilos of fish,” says Mr. Monjo.

In addition, thanks to the agreements signed with Alisol’s partner companies, other types of items are also distributed, including basic cleaning and hygiene products, among others.

“From the Barceló Foundation we want to thank all the companies and organizations like CaixaBank, which have joined the Alisol project. With their collaboration we hope to help the 18 beneficiary entities of our food distribution project to meet the needs of the people they serve,” concludes the managing director of the Barceló Foundation.