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Montision Solidarity Foundation changes its headquarter

2021.01.11 //

The Montision Solidarity Foundation, one of the entities benefited by our solidarity food distribution of Alisol Project, has started this year 2021 changing its location. For 11 years attending vulnerable people in Lluis Martí and Patronat Obrer Streets, next week they will do it in Montevideo, 3, Street, also in Palma.

“We move there because our headquarter has become too small for us. We currently have 14 programs, which will soon become 15”, explains the President of Montision Solidarity Foundation, Blai Vidal.

In addition to having more space to develop their programs and attend to their users who will not have to wait in the street as they did before, this change will allow them to save on rental costs.  

“We have rented the basketball courts of Patronato Obrero and we will also have a 300-meter facility given to us by the Parish of San Juan de Ávila, which is right next door, where we will install our Legal Clinic,” specifies Blai Vidal.

To this end, from the end of last week and throughout this week, the volunteers of the entity will be responsible for carrying out the transfer. Once installed, from Thursday January 21 the entity will resume its usual weekly distribution of food at its new headquarters where, from now on, will receive donations of fresh food that the Barceló Foundation gives them through the Alisol project.

For the first time in our history, this week we will interrupt our food distribution program. However, on January 21st we will renew it already in Motenvideo Street and instead of attending the 400 families that we usually do, we will deliver food also to those people who should have come this week, thus reaching to the 800 families attended in one day”, concludes the President of Montision Solidarity Foundation.