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2021.10.02 //

The Notre Dame de la Merci Home (Ngovayang, Cameroon) is an educational project of the Religious of the Order of Mercy and the Religious of the Purity of Mary, which allows Pygmy girls and young women of the Bagyeli ethnic group to access quality education. The Home is home to 45 girls between the ages of 3 and 15 who attend the Saint François Xavier Primary School where 183 Bagyeli and Bantu Pygmy boys and girls study.

The distances to buy the food necessary for the daily diet make it impossible for the girls to have a quality diet, and the area is also very humid, which affects the preservation of the food. To alleviate these shortcomings, we have financed the purchase of a freezer in order to have a stock of meat and fish, and thus be able to diversify the food and store it in large quantities, thus saving on trips to the markets.

The Bagyeli pygmies are a very marginalised group, scattered throughout the forest in the southern region of the country. Their habitat and their rights are increasingly under threat, and education is the only way to enable them to participate in the social fabric and defend their rights. Bagyeli girls and young women need particular attention as they are at serious risk of vulnerability and exclusion. This project empowers the Bagyeli Pygmies to preserve their environment and traditions, so that they can actively participate in the construction of Cameroon. Through education, the Pygmies can fight for their people and their rights. The project promotes the construction of Cameroon through ethnic integration.