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Inclusive summer school in Verge de Lluc

2020.08.03 //

150 children at risk of social exclusion participate in the campus organized by the Pere Tarrés Foundation, with the Barceló Foundation collaboration.

Last July, the children between 5 and 16 years old from vulnerable families enjoyed different games and leisure activities, that this year have been focused on the environment and natural elements themes (water, wind and fire).

The main objective of these camps is to guarantee equal opportunities to all the children and maintain social equity, in this way any child can enjoy them“, says Josep Oriol, managing director of the Pere Tarrés Foundation.

The COVID-19 prevention measures of the center and the educators have been the most important difference between the last years. When the children arrived, they take them the temperature, they had to wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel and wear a mask during the entire time they were in the campus. In addition, the monitors disinfected the materials after each use and constantly checked that the children complied with the safety distance between them. Even these strict prevention measures, the organizers says that they have enjoyed a summer of fun and socialization.

This is one of the 36 projects that the Barceló Foundation has decided to finance this 2020, giving it a grant of 7.761 euros. The objective of the project is to offer personalized attention to all these children from Social Services, who can’t afford a summer campus and provide them school support and homework for their intellectual and emotional development during the summer season.