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Success of the programme “What’s Up! Com vas de Salut Mental? ”, funded by the Foundation

2019.07.19 //

The project organized and carried out by the entity “3 Salut Mental” brings the reality about mental health to eleven secondary schools in Majorca and more than 900 students of the island.

It is about introducing the topic into the schools, because half of the mental disorders appear around the age of 14, when young people are in high school.

This is one of the 36 social projects of Mallorca that the Barceló Foundation has decided to finance this year, granting to “3 Salut Mental” an aid of almost 20.000 euros for the project that our president, Maria Antonia Barceló, met on the spot during a visit to the school “San José Obrero” in Palma.

The project, which has exceeded the expectations, consists of training and raising awareness among young people in the Balearic Islands to fight against the stigma that exists for mental health reasons and get them to identify, recognize and report situations of discrimination against those affected. In short, it is about they become protagonists of change through knowledge.

A total of 100 teachers have presented the project to students 3rd ESO students from 39 classrooms, who have openly debated the subject and have had the testimony of a person who experienced a mental health disorder during his teenage years.