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2021.08.12 //

2021 has continued being a challenging year. Because of the pandemic, many schools in the Dominican Republic have been forced to close their doors.

Despite the difficulties, the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima (managers of the project) have continued to fight to ensure that the children and young people who have received scholarships from our Foundation can continue their studies, transferring them to centres that continue their educational activity, even if at a distance.

Faced with this situation, the schools have assumed, with great responsibility, this new circumstance, even helping students who did not have the means to receive education.

97% of the 68 scholarship students have passed the course with very good marks. This shows that the help provided by our Foundation is well appreciated and used by the children and young people of the parish of Santa Catalina de Siena, in the neighbourhood of La Isabelita.

The scholarships have provided aid to enable students with limited financial resources in the Santo Domingo area to continue their studies in private schools after failing to obtain a place in the public education system.

The grants have been awarded to both primary and secondary school pupils, and all of them include both the payment of the registration fee and the school materials they need during the course.