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FARMASOL expands to two new countries

2020.08.11 //

After 5 years of operation, the Farmasol project (Solidarity Pharmacies and Health Education in Africa) expands to 2 new countries to further improve the health of the most disadvantaged populations in Africa.

The first country is the Central African Republic, where the Barceló Foundation has begun to collaborate with the Brother Jan Beyzym Hospital, located in M’Balki, 140 kilometers at west of the capital, managed by the Comboni Missionary Sisters.

The project includes the provision of laboratory materials, centrifuge, oxigen machine and food supply to fight the malnutrition in the area. Thanks to the contribution of our Foundation, wich amounts 11.800 USD, test for malaria, hepatitis and tuberculosis will be available for patients and also all the proves for the detection of anemia or sexual transmission diseases.

The second country is South Sudan, where we will collaborate with the Missionaries of St. Paul he Apostle that recently set up a mission room as a medical dispensary.

Nowadays the country is being devastated by internal guerrillas groups, that together with the non existent health structures, leave the population in a very vulnerable situation. For this reason, the Barceló Foundation will distribute the necessary medication and materials for one year to treat the local habitants, including the prevention and detection of COVID-19.

Remember that the Barceló Foundation launched the FARMASOL project in 2015 with the aim to improve the health conditions and the quality of life of the most disadvantaged populations in Africa. Today there are already 27 projects in operation in 7 different countries that benefit more than 250.000 people every year.